About Us

Long War Studios LLC was founded in 2015 by the masterminds behind the critically acclaimed Long War mod for the 2012 game XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Based in Louisville, Colorado, LWS is an independent video game development company dedicated to creating strategy games that challenge your mind while telling great stories.

Core team

John J. Lumpkin, design lead

John started as a novice game designer with the Adventure Construction Set on his Apple IIc in the 1980s, although he could only release his creations to his little brother. Much, much later, he created a Hall-of-Fame module for Neverwinter Nights and then the Long War mod.

A journalist in his younger days, his first career culminated in a stint as a national security reporter with The Associated Press in Washington, D.C., in the early 2000s. He is also a science fiction author and has a PhD in Communications from the University of Colorado Boulder. He lives in Louisville, Colorado, is married and has two young children, both of whom can already quote Star Wars extensively.

Rachel Norman, technical lead

Rachel, known as "Amineri" on the modding forums, has been programming crazy things since writing her first learning neural network on a Commodore 128, and she has been playing video games for even longer. Growing up in a remote and snowy corner of the world, she eventually migrated to the Los Angeles area, bringing a Master’s Degree in mathematics with her. Working with John since January 2013, her technical skills were key in turning the Long War mod into reality.


James C. L. Karlson, artist

James has just obtained his Cert.HE in Computer Arts and has previously studied Game Applications Design. With an understanding of many areas of game development, he is able to bridge the gap between different aspects of the craft, and he is a fast and passionate learner. He began working with the Long War team in the summer of 2014 and designed many pieces of the 2D art.

Born in Denmark and raised for six years in France, he spent a year circumnavigating the globe, followed by several years at university in Scotland before returning to his homeland to start working professionally.